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A reply to a copyright examination report in India is a response to any objections or issues raised by the Copyright Office during the examination of a copyright registration application. The examination report is issued after the Copyright Office has reviewed the application and any accompanying documents, and contains any objections or issues that must be addressed before the registration can be granted.

The reply to the examination report must address each of the objections or issues raised by the Copyright Office, and provide any additional information or evidence needed to support the claim of originality and ownership of the work. The reply must be filed with the Copyright Office within the timeframe specified in the examination report.

The reply should be drafted in a professional manner, and should be as comprehensive and persuasive as possible, including any relevant evidence and documents to support your case. 

The Reply should be filed with the Registrar of Copyright within 30 days from the date of Notice. 


Documents Required

  • Copy of the Copyright application.

  • Affidavit, if required.

  • Copyright examination report

  • POA by the applicant

  • Documents/ evidence in support of the reply



Benefits of Copyright Objection/ Notice Reply Online

  • Protect Your Work 🛡️ Keep your creations safe from being used without your permission. Responding to copyright notices helps ensure your ideas are only used the way you want.

  • Stay Out of Trouble 🚫 Avoid problems by addressing copyright issues. When you reply to notices or object to improper use, you prevent legal complications and disagreements.

  • Keep Your Reputation 🌟 Show that you respect your own and others' creative efforts. By responding professionally, you maintain a good image in the creative world.

  • Earn Fairly 💰 If someone uses your work without permission, you might lose out on earning money from it. Handling copyright issues lets you make sure you're compensated.

  • Stay Calm and Create ☮️ When you handle copyright matters, you can focus on what you love—creating! Responding to notices gives you peace of mind to keep making great things.



  • Review the examination report: The first step is to carefully review the examination report, taking note of any objections or issues raised by the Copyright Office.

  • Gather supporting documents: If additional documents or evidence are required to address the objections or issues raised in the examination report, gather them as soon as possible.

  • Prepare a response: Draft a response to the examination report, addressing each objection or issue raised by the Copyright Office. The response should include any additional documents or evidence that support your claim of originality and ownership of the work.

  • Review the response: Review the response to the examination report, ensuring that it is complete and that all objections or issues have been addressed.

  • File the response: File the response to the examination report with the Copyright Office, along with any additional documents or evidence.

  • Follow up: Follow up with the Copyright Office to ensure that your response has been received and is being processed.

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