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An appointment letter is a formal document issued by an employer to a job candidate that confirms the offer of employment and the terms and conditions of the job. It outlines the job responsibilities, salary, start date, and other details about the employment relationship.

When is appointment letter required 

An appointment letter is required when an employer makes a job offer to a candidate and the candidate accepts the offer. The letter serves as written confirmation of the offer and the terms of employment. It is typically issued after a successful job interview process and before the employee starts working.


Documents Required

Key Points to be included in Appointment Letter:

  • Job title: The title of the job the employee will be performing.

  • Start date: The date on which the employee is expected to start work.

  • Job duties and responsibilities: A clear and concise description of the employee's job duties and responsibilities.

  • Salary and benefits: Details on the employee's salary, including the rate of pay, and any benefits provided, such as health insurance or paid time off.

  • Working hours: Information on the employee's working hours and any overtime or flexible work arrangements.

  • Probationary period: Details on any probationary period, including the length of time and performance expectations.

  • Notice period: Information on the notice period required for termination of employment.

  • Confidentiality and non-compete clauses: Any clauses related to confidentiality and non-competition, if applicable.

  • Signature lines: Space for the employee and the employer to sign and date the letter to confirm acceptance of the terms outlined in the letter.

  • Company policies: A reference to the company's policies and procedures manual, if applicable.

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Advantages to issue appointment letter

  • Clarity: Provides clear and specific details about the job offer, duties, compensation, and other employment terms.

  • Legal protection: Establishes a written agreement between the employer and employee and can serve as evidence in legal disputes.

  • Employee commitment: Demonstrates the employer's commitment to the new hire and can increase employee morale and job satisfaction.

  • Avoid misunderstandings: Helps prevent misunderstandings about the job offer and reduces the risk of disputes.

  • Record-keeping: Serves as a permanent record of the job offer and the terms of employment for both the employer and employee.

  • Professionalism: Shows a professional approach to the hiring process and can help build a positive reputation for the company.



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