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Saying Yes to Defending Your Trademark's Right to Exist

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In India, a trademark objection is a response to an initial refusal by the Indian Trademarks Office to register a trademark. If a trademark application is objected, the applicant has the option to file a reply to the objection, also known as a "counterstatement/reply to examination report." The counterstatement should address the grounds for refusal and provide arguments and evidence to support the registration of the trademark. The Trademarks Registry will review the counterstatement/examination report reply and may either accept the trademark for registration or will require it for hearing.


Documents Required

Documents required to file Trademark Objection Reply

  • Examination Report

  • Documents to proof of ownership of Brand Name

  • Power of Attorney, in favor of the Attorney

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Reasons for Trademark Objection 

  • Similarity to an existing trademark: If the Trademark Registry determines that the trademark being applied for is similar to an existing trademark, it may raise an objection on the grounds of confusion.

  • Lack of distinctiveness: A trademark must be distinctive, meaning it must be able to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of another. If the Trademark Registry determines that the trademark being applied for is not distinctive, it may raise an objection on this ground.

  • Descriptive or generic terms: Trademarks that consist of descriptive or generic terms are generally not considered distinctive and may be refused registration.

  • Trademarks that are deceptive or misleading: Trademarks that are likely to deceive or mislead the public may be refused registration.

  • Trademarks that are offensive or contrary to public order: Trademarks that are considered offensive or contrary to public order may be refused registration.

  • Not submitting the TM-48 trademark Form: If the person submitting the application is different from the applicant then a POA needs to be executed in favor of the person who is filing the trademark on behalf of the applicant. In case POA is not submitted then the Trademark Registry may raise an Objection.

  • Incorrect trademark application form: If the trademark application form is incorrectly submitted, then an objection may be raised by the Trademark Registry.



How we File your Trademark

  • Fill up our Simple Trademark Form

  • Free Consultation from Trademark Experts

  • Submit your Documents and make Payment

  • Our Trademark Attorney files the TM Reply Objection

Congratulations! Your TM Reply is successfully filed.

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